Mini humbucker pickups

Mini humbucker pickups brands include obviously Gibson, Kent Armstrong, Dimarzio and Seymour duncan.

For Kent Armstrong, we could say it´s output is not that “punchy” it sounds sweet, but not as strong as it´s competitors, perfect for jazzy-like styles, it´s richness of details is what makes it a real good mini humbucker.

As for Dimarzio, the one I tested was the hot mini humbucker, and I could say that it makes it up for his “hot” name, as it delivers an slightly hotter output than a normal mini humbucker, and I´d say it´s correct position would be the bridge. Sounded nice both when distorted and clean, perfect for eighties heavy metal. It´s just a pity that it doesn´t makes it up for the levels of bass wanted of those who play more actual heavy styles.

Gibson ones, I tried it in the neck, and it sounds lower than the originals fifty-seven model, yet higher than a fender strat single. Perfect for my les paul, been using them for a while now.

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