Gibson Mini

There are lots of Gibson miniature products, including electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Make no mistake, the only original ones are the mini-v and the mini-amp.

Other than these, the term Gibson Mini refers to the mini-humbucker which is extensively covered in this website. Although is fun to have miniature guitars and amps, most of them are fake, and you should not let yourself be fooled by these.

The mini-v guitar, however, is perfect for carrying along in your everyday efforts, as it sounds like a real guitar, and has a humbucker. The only issue is that, because of it strings lenght are shorter, the guitar sounds better when tuned up 3 semitones from the E, meaning you get a G.

This is not really an issue if you know what this means and if you are a skilled player, it should be tons of fun to transpose songs to your new tuning. It´s a killer toy and comes with a mini amp, plug and start rocking.

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  • This is a lovely little guitar. I never have taken one of these seriuosly but I would definitely like to have a go and play a few riffs on one to see what it was like.

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