SIngle Coils

Single Coils

Single coils are a question of taste. Of course you cannot disqualify them, but when you obviously grew up listening to nirvana, without a humbucker your life wouldn´t be the same.

When in a good restaurant, you get so many good options that it makes it harder to choose, yet you know everything tastes incredibly good. But sometimes you just go for the hamburgers.

Single coils sound bright and clean as a teeth. Sound terrific when overdriven, and fit most of country styles. But don´t just take absurd amounts of distortion the same way.

I´m a humbucker lover, what did you wanted?

Though you can make miracles happen when you happen to have a chorus pedal. You see, single coils are also VERY versatile, and range from a variety of music styles. I mean, everything else besides heavy weighted distortions, this guys will take much better.

It´s a matter of taste as mentioned earlier, would you go for the shotgun or the pistol?

I´d sure go for the shotgun =D