Mini Humbuckers

Nice Mini Humbucker picture

Mini Humbucker some nice pictures I found: thanks to Derek Miller

mini humbucker

Photo is by Lincoln at Emerald City Guitars and is an image of Derek K. Miller
The Korean made guitar is a Yamaha Pacifica 412
with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Firebird mini-humbucker, custom pickguard and electronics, and super-beefy strings
mini humbuckers
Photo by TT ZOP

Cream – Clapton licks on a Gibson Firebird with mini humbuckers Jason Lollar

Gibson Firebird with Jason Lollar custom mini humbuckers. The pickups are switchable so you can have humbuckers going or single coils.

Lollar Mini Humbucker pickups sample platter

A minor blues on an Edwards ’56 Les Paul copy with lollar minis. Ceriatone 36 (EL84) Amp. Combinations of pickups and overdrive used including Lovepedal Eternity and Area 51 wah.

In the early 70's Gibson SG with original Mini-Humbucker

Early 70s Gibson SG with original Mini-Humbucker. Fender Vibrolux Reverb and Okko Diablo Overdrive