Mini Humbuckers

Lollar Mini Humbucker pickups set

With a NOC3 Firefly OD

Mini Humbucker

Pickguards Plug & Play Loaded Taylor – 2 humbucker Mini HD

Corey Witt demonstrates Taylor’s Plug & Play Loaded Pickguard.

2HG Mini Humbuckers
5-Way Switch:
Inside Coils Parallel,
Full Neck + Inside Bridge,
Inside Coils Series,

Allparts Mini Humbucker Seymour Duncan & Fingerpicking 5.2 Telecaster Bridge

The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan 5/2 Nashville style pickup. In the above recording the 5/2 is set around 1/4 of an inch away from the strings so it can be raised higher to give more output if required.

Mini-Humbucker serial parallel

8KOhm Mini-Humbucker on a flat superstrat.
1. Mini-HB, 2 coils parallel
2. Mini-HB, 2 coils serial (standard)

Rare 1998 Gibson SG Deluxe Maestro Trem and Mini Humbucker

Gibson SG Deluxe with a Maestro Trem, locking machine heads, 3 mini Humbuckers and a 6-way rotary selector

Mini-Humbucker Installation Part 5

Jason Lollar of Lollar pickups shows you how to install and adjust mini humbuckers. Includes P90s, Firebirds, and 70s Les Paul Deluxe installation and adjustment.

Tip Switch

Some cool pictures

Mini Humbucker:

mini humbucker
Many guitars have their pickups raised WAY too high…affecting both playability and sound. Gibson factory settings for humbucker height is 3/32″ for the bass side and 1/16″ for the treble. I don’t know what it is for P-90s, but these pickups have BIG coils (and TWO magnets). Much higher than 1/4″ and the magnetic fields were beginning to affect the sound in an undesirable way.
mini humbuckers
Circa ’70-71, when Gibson was also putting those logo-embossed chrome and gold covers on their humbuckers (and mini-humbuckers)
Image TT ZOP Mini Humbucker


Mini Humbucker some nice pictures I found: All Photos by TT Zop

mini humbucker

Assembly Mini-Humbucker
 mini humbuckers
Soldering isn’t good on the screw

Bottom Assembly for Mini Humbucker
mini humbucker

Mini-Humbucker Installation Part 4

Jason Lollar of Lollar pickups shows you how to install and adjust mini humbuckers.


Some cool pictures Mini Humbucker:
Mini Humbucker

Images by TT ZOP

Mini Humbucker