Humbuckers are killers. Ever since they were invented, and invented to rock, only. They crushed two of the aspects that were crucial to people wanting to rock hard. That darn humming, the extra weight and the ability to not supress other notes when playing distorted full chords.

I personally love humbuckers, way more than singles, because you crank up the distortion and you´re powered up. And guitars were built for distortion. But with humbuckers you can get lots of beautiful clean tones as well, see metallica records for a reference.

Although single coils have their use, I´d also change the bridge for a humbucker. This way I have both. the fat and bright from singles, and the screaming trebled humbucker at the bridge.

Versatility is the key when you want to have a guitar that´ll last on your hands. And fender strats are on the spot with these. Of course it depends on how fanatic you are for the country tone that strats have, and that can annoy some people that like things more actual.

Though some les pauls have single coils, I never saw any. Would definitely be inclined to test these, it´d sure thing be a unique experience. If anyone had this, please comment.