Mini Humbuckers

Mini humbuckers are a smaller variation of the original designed humbucker pickup, the PAF model.. They have a slightly lower output level when in comparison to the originals, and stand in between the full humbuckers and the single coils, in terms of tone. This is hard to describe with words, but is the best comparison to do. Mini humbuckers were created by Epiphone, and used primarily in epiphones, which now Gibson owns, and have tons of usages, but the most common are for jazz guitars and archtops.

Jazz Guitar with Mini Humbucker

Jazz Guitar with Mini Humbuckers

In the seventies, they replaced the original single coil that used to come along with the gibson les paul´s. Today they can be found in thousands of guitar models, including firebirds, which Neil Young used to replace one of his gibson les paul goldtop pickups, and the result was a very unique tone, bright and focused.

Lots of companies make these nowadays, which atests the capability, and somewhat versatility, of these smaller humbuckers. By versatility, I mean that from the fact that they stand exactly between the singles and humbuckers, you get either benefits. No humming, yet somewhat cristalized tone. Awesomeness in my humble opinion, Definitely worth trying, for whatever music style you´re currently playing…

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  • Gene Rankin:

    According to my understanding, which is not absolute by any means, did Epiphone not develop the Mini Humbucker first? When Gibson bought them out then they started to use the Mini’s in their own products.

  • admin:

    You are right of course Gene. I’ll update it now.


  • jazzy:

    I’m planning to convert my vintage modern telecaster now fitted with Joe Barden modern T-style set to a Brent Mason using a gibson mini humbucker but retaining the Barden pickups. Could you recommend a suitable pickups to build a three pickups system?

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